10 things to do in Turkey

If you want to travel to Turkey, but instead of talking about a specific place, we want to make a list of varied things to visit or do in this fascinating country. And is that Turkey is Istanbul and much more, you just have to discover it …

The last European border with Asia, the bridge between East and West … Denominations that refer to Turkey, a nearby country that nevertheless retains its exoticism. Istanbul tries to place itself among one of the most avant-garde European cities. Without forgetting the symbol that attracts tourism in Turkey, Hagia Sophia, of intense colors and example of the delicate Muslim art to the maximum exponent.

But traveling to Turkey is not just visiting its capital, since in addition to urban tourism, we recommend enjoying nature: if we travel to Cappadocia we will find rare geographical formations; in Pamukkale, “cotton castles”, or for example, on our trip to Ephesus, we will discover the essence of our civilization …

1. Food tourism is definitely one of the reasons that bring many visitors to Turkey. From the already crowded kebab to the famous Turkish cakes such as baklava, Turkish coffee, ayran and syrups are some of the most delicious dishes of the Turkish culinary culture.

2. Visitors looking for more varied entertainment activities will find great festivals such as the Istanbul Jazz Festival, the Aspendos Opera, the Balley Festival or the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.

3. It is known to few, but Antatolia is a place that could be described

as “the heart of all religions”. And is that if you go to this place you cannot miss the opportunity to discover places that refer to all the Abrahamic religions. Among the places to visit we find the House of the Virgin Mary in Izmir, The Summela Monastery in Trabzon, and the Monastery of Saint Nicholas in the province of Antalya.

4. St. Peter’s Church, which is located in Hatay, is one of the religious places that must be seen before leaving Turkey.

5. The Black Sea region in eastern Turkey is one of the “top” natural places to visit in Turkey, with natural wonders like Uzungöl, Firtina and the Ayder region.

6. Lovers of historical tourism can not forget to visit the Gallipoli peninsula, the most important in historical terms in the development of the Republic of Turkey where we will find mausoleums and tombs that we can visit.

7. The Bursa, Afyon and Denizli region are among the most famous hot springs in Turkey that are worth visiting.

8. Very few enjoy the Mediterranean wonders of Istanbul, and if your trip allows it, there are places as beautiful as the incredible Prince Islands, the Çamlıca hill and the Beyoğlu district are some of the attractions that are worthwhile tour before leaving the country.

9. Por supuesto, también encontramos lugares Patrimonio de la UNESCO en Turquía, llenos de historia, como la extraordinaria y bella ciudad de Troya, Hierápolis y Capadocia, que son algunos de los sitios más visitados.

10. In the southeast of the Anatolian region there are other places to see such as Lake Van, the largest in Turkey and the island of Akdamar with its amazing church.