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Address: UNIQ Istanbul - Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazaga Cad. Ayazaga Cendere Yolu No: 4 SARIYER / Istanbul


Turkey's first international standard musical production is staged with the gigantic staff of 110 people at the "Animals Musical, Gate Stage Arts". For centuries; The children of the same land fought each other. It was not the generations but the disappearance of Africa, and one day the tribal elders came together and decided to be "We". From now on, every individual who entered the age of 7 in all tribes, even cities, would be sent to the "* Ubhuntu *" villages that were created to learn the spirit of Africa. Africa finally had a dreamlike life. Because every child is born pure and is the child of Africa's secret. On the other side of the medallion, there were tribes that were determined to break the peace. The only thing that matters to them is more soil. And if the targets are now; It was Adilah 'in Ubhuntu village that lived with animals. What was the expectation of the village people whose lives were changing? You are waiting for the giant production that has a fantastic narrative that appeals to 7 out of 77. The giant animal puppets that integrate with the human body will incorporate the fascinating effect of all ages with its unique costumes made with traditional themes, handcrafted unique costumes, 4 and 7 voice polyphonic choruses, ethnic and modern choreographies combined with international standards, and immersive screenplay and reign.


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