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Address: Is Kuleleri Levent Istanbul

 19.00-19.45 Foyer

Speech by Hülya Regular on "Renewed Comments"  "The extraordinary stage domination of the great virtuoso Mikhail Rudy" Le Figaro  "The geometric shapes, colors, lines and colorful light-fitting images fit perfectly in the rhythm of the music - a combination nowadays known as Holistic Art masterpiece." Culture France  "Having reached the original drawings of Kandinsky, Rudy is turning his famous 1928 performance to a contemporary listener, using an animated film." New York Times  "The last great project that Mikhail Rudy has used in his paintings and music dialogue, using his inexhaustible creativity and deepness ... a marvelously well-done, impressive homage to Marc Chagall, which is closely related in his last days of life" Le Figaro  "Mikhail Rudy, a highly cultured pianist who loves to use colors, continues to blend the impressions of art and mind." La Croix  45th Istanbul Music Festival invites all festival listeners to see music and hear the official music with a very special project. Mikhail Rudy, creator of BBC Music magazine among the 20 largest pianists in the world, is the creator of this project where the lines and notes are intertwined.  Kandinsky, one of the most important examples of program music, set up a Sergden Tables of Modest Mussorgski in 1928 at the Dessau Theater with a composition of decor, color, light, geometric shapes and plastic materials. From this composition, which is one of the most successful examples of "Total Art" In (Art Total), only 16 watercolors and piano partitions containing the instructions of the river remained. Mikhail Rudy, who was always impressed by Kandinsky, re-animated this project under the name of Mussorgsky's music and video adaptation based on Kandinsky's watercolor paintings and instructions, Sergden Tables / Mussorgsky-Kandinsky: "The result was breathtaking; Rudy played in perfect coordination with the film, and Kandinsky's paintings were leaping in full measure of the big screen calendars on the stage. "(More than the Music)


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